Rigali is a smal village along the road from our Cappuccini estate in Foligno to Gualdo and Nocera Umbra, and the cultivar called "Rigalese", or "Nostrale di Rigali" is the typical cultivar of the surrounding territory.

This olive tree lives well in this mountainous land (about 600 metres above sea level), and it's cultivated in several small plots. The sensory profile of its oil is really interesting and charming, and we know our agronomist and mill are experienced enough for helping us to obtain a new special product.

After a long time to find local owners to start a partnership, this year we finally found what we were looking for.

Exploring by car the territory we run into the signals you can see in the photo: one of them astonished us... can you imagine which?  Our research has became a travel to our origins, 'cause Rigali is only 5 kms far from the village of Salmaregia.

Keep in touch and continue reading our News: as soon as possible we'll show our new amazing product (a monocultivar) and more info about Rigali territory and its peculiarities!

rigalese; nostrale di rigali; gualdo tadino; nocera umbra; cultivar; extra virgin oil