I Frati

One of the most beautiful areas of our Cappuccini property is the Chiusa dei frati. It is close to the northwestern border, just below the convent of the Franciscan Capuchin Friars. Good sun exposure, a gentle slope, well-drained soil, and well-spaced trees – mostly of the moraiolo variety – allow us to obtain the best olive oil of the harvest. I Frati is the name we chose for our single-variety extra virgin olive oil. Olives are harvested at the onset of ripening, following practises that allow us to bring out the best characteristics of the moraiolo. This extra virgin olive oil is our product of excellence: with its strong personality, it requires a position of honour amongst our oils.


Experts say: 
Medium-intense fruity, definitely herbaceous, with hints of artchoke and almond. Intense notes of spiciness and bitterness; herbaceous of grass, artichoke and almond. Colour: green with yellow highlights. Medium-high fluidity.
(Panel ASSAM, panel test report n. 188 15.01.2020)